Financial solutions
for cannabis growers

Cannvest connects investors and cannabis growers
improving their crop valuation through traceability
and crop optimization technologies

Cannvest for Investors

Investing in cannabis has never been so easy. Our Private Blockchain technology keeps track on every transaction made on the selected crop providing real-time information on the crop development.

1. Invest

Select your project and invest as low as USD 500. Your investment is used to invest in Security Tokens for cannabis farmers.

2. Smart Contract

The selected farm is informed and a digital contract is signed, giving the investors real-time information on the farm performance.

3. Investment Control

Follow up how the crop valuation grows as the farmer becomes more efficient.

Cannvest for Growers

Our team of expert growers and engineers will assist the growers in every single step, reducing his exposure to compliance and low quality risks and increasing his crop valuation.

1. Infrastructure and technology installation

We provide the funding and setup the physical infrastructure, legal procedures and training.

2. Crop control and optimization

Our team of expert cultivators and engineers will make sure that the crop increases its yield and its quality standards.

3. Crop Yield and Valuation

Increase your sales volume and reduce your production costs by using traceability technology.

Our Technology

Sensor Technology

We use state-of-the art sensor technology to perform seed-to-sale traceability of the crop.

Encryption and Storage

The data is encrypted and stored in a private blockchain to ensure transparency at all times.

Data Analytics

Our team analyzes the data and uses it to improve the production conditions.

We handle the crops for you

While you follow up on your investment.

Meet the Team

Rafael Donado


MSc. Industrial Engineer & Impact Investor

David Carvajal

Founder - CEO

MSc. Mechanical Engineer, Electronics Engineer & Project Manager.

Yasemin Catli


MSc. Materials Engineer & Researcher


Benjamin Riggan

Industrial Advisor

Cannabis Master Grower with over 30 years of experience in the California cannabis industry

Francisco Córdoba

Startup Advisor

Co-Founder of WeSend, MIT 35 under 35

Carolina Velásquez

Blockchain Consultant

Co-founder of Blockchain Academy, Senior Hyperledger Developer

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