Financial Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Our crowdfunding platform connects investors and cannabis growers, improving their crop valuation through traceability and crop optmization technologies on the blockchain

Our Solution

Investing in cannabis has never been so easy. Our permissioned blockchain technology keeps track of every transaction on the field, providing real time information on the crop development


Crowdfunding Platform


Connecting investors with infrastructure for agriculture projects


Backed by crop traceability technology on the blockchain

Cannabis Growth

Increasing the crop productivity and its valuation

For Investors


Sign up for our investor network to get access to our investment portfolio.


A Smart Contract on the Blockchain is signed between you and your debtors. Track how the funds are being used in an efficient and transparent way.

Follow-up and Return on Investment

Receive weekly reports on the project progress and performance. Get interests payments and a return on your investment according to the negotiated conditions.

For Producers

Project Selection and Funding

Our team evaluates the project and designs a custom financial product, convenient for the growers and their investors. The project is published and funded.

Technology and Infrastructure Installation

Our team installs sensors and cameras on the field and provides a free-to-use mobile app for crop management, improving the productivity of the project.

Crop Optimization

Use the data to develop crop optimization strategies. Be more productive and get access to new markets.

Our Technology

Internet of Things

Our sensor technology measures the ambient and process conditions in for analysis and intelligent decision making.

Data storage and encryption

Data is encrypted and stored in a secure way on a private blockchain ensuring transparency and data inmutability.

Data Analytics

Our team analyses the crop data to provide insights for production improvement.

Our Team and Advisors

Our Allies

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