What is Cannvest?

Cannvest is the first investment platform for the cannabis industry in Latin America.

Investing in the cannabis industry has never been so easy.

Cannvest connects the project’s productive asset needs with investors who wish to acquire these assets and then lease them to the producers.

Our traceability technology, built on a private blockchain, keeps track of each activity in the crop, providing real-time information about the development of the project


For investments


Integrated traceability technology for the crop


Connecting investors with the productive assets needs of cannabis growers


By improving the crop yield and its value, we increase your profitability



Project Selection and Investment

We evaluate your project and design a financial product for your needs. The project is published and funded through our platform.


Infrastructure Installation

Our team installs sensors and required infrastructure, as well as grants access to our crop management app.


Crop Optimization

Use the data to design better crop management strategies. Be more productive and gain access to new markets.



Sign up

Sign up and join our investor network to have access to our investment portfolio.



Trough our investment platform and follow up the crop development in an efficient and transparent way.


Follow up and ROI

Get periodic reports on the project development.You will receive an interest rate and you will share the revenue.


Cannvest was founded by a multidisciplinary team with experience in technology development, impact investing, marketing, sales and international relations..

Our technical team has experience developing technology in industries such as energy, logistics, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and research. We have integrated within our platform advanced technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to ensure total transparency in each process.

Our Technology


Data Analytics

Our sensor technology logs the ambient and crop process variables to be analyzed for smart decision making.


Data storage and encryption

The data is encrypted and stored in a safe way in a permissioned blockchain ensuring transparency and data immutability.


Internet of Things

Our team analyzes the crop information to bring useful insights to improve the productivity.



We have a large network of national and international partners and are part of the select portfolio of the startup accelerator Founder Institute in Silicon Valley

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